Three Services to Compare When Choosing a Honda Dealership

Many automotive shoppers are overwhelmingly choosing to purchase Honda vehicles over the competition. This is because Honda is a brand that is known for providing true value to car owners, and it also is known for reliability, safety, affordability and more. If you have decided that this is a brand that you want to purchase for your next vehicle, your next task is to find the right Honda dealership to visit. In many areas of the country, automotive buyers have the opportunity to choose between several Honda dealerships when making a buying decision. As you compare dealerships, consider comparing the dealerships in these service areas for a better overall buying and ownership experience.

Exceptional Sales Service
Your initial experience with a Honda dealership will be with the sales department, but your experience with different sales departments can vary drastically. For example, some dealerships have a no-haggle policy, and their sticker price is the price you will pay for the vehicle. Some make it easy to value your trade-in by providing you with an online estimate. Others give you a more traditional buying experience by offering cars for sale at the MSRP and expecting customers to negotiate for a better deal on their new car as well as on their trade-in value.

In-House Financing
Another area where many Honda dealerships vary is through their in-house financing department. Most dealerships offer in-house financing, and this may be through the Honda finance company or other national and regional banks. While many work with the same lenders, some charge you a higher rate or more fees because it puts money back into the dealership’s pocket. With this in mind, it pays to shop around for the best rate and terms on your auto loan.

Fast, Friendly Repair and Maintenance Service
After you have purchased your Honda, you may continue to visit the Honda dealership periodically for regularly scheduled maintenance service and repair needs. Some dealerships provide you with easy online appointment scheduling. They may also be known for having competitive rates as well as fast, high-quality service. Because the repair and maintenance service experience can vary drastically from one dealership to another, read consumer reviews in this area before you decide which dealership to use.