A Guide to Buying a Toyota Car in Canada

The famous Toyota brand first launched in Japan in 1935, and it has now grown to be the biggest company in Japan. It’s also one of the largest multinationals in the world. It has its headquarters in Aichi, Japan, and their U.S headquarters is in North Texas. The brand has other assembling plants in the Midwest, South, and Southeast of America. It is the most popular car assembled in the U.S and Canada with Camry being a favorite for most citizens. The Japanese brand also has other plants in other continents such as Asia and Europe.

Brands in Canada and the United States

Matrix and RAV4 are the two most common brands that you will find in most car dealerships in Canada but not in the United States. Other brands that you can also get in the country include the Avalon, Amary, Tundra, Amary Hybrid, Tacoma, Corolla, and Sienna among others. The fact that the depreciation rate of the Toyota car is on the lower side makes it a favorite brand of both low income and middle-income earners in the country.


The Japanese brand comes in various sizes and shapes. Their standard car has a broad range of features that focus on comfort, fuel economy, and excellent performance. Their hybrid vehicle sales have taken the leading position worldwide while the cumulative sales of Toyota and Lexus cars hit the 10 million targets in January 2017. Some of the characteristics that make the brand among the people best include:
• Availability of spare parts.
• Strong aftermarket support.
• Reliability.
• Cheap maintenance level.

Different Models Available 

Various dealerships in the country give you a wide range of choice on both old and new cars Windsor Ontario. Their most common brands include the Camry, Prius, Corolla, Prius c, Aurion, Yaris, and the 86. They also have a broad range of hybrids and SUV to choose from. The cars are unique and use different parts in the manufacture hence the ranging prices. The prices for the new cars start from $16,000 for the standard Yaris while the Hybrids and the land cruisers go for $80,000.

Economic Influence on the Prices

The global market sales ratio of the Toyota cars stood at 50% in 2015, and it continued to go higher in 2016. The manufacturing cost of all vehicles has also soared due to the high value of steel and plastic. However, the company has succeeded in keeping their production cost low leading to low prices on the cars. Their quality is unique and hard to imitate, and many companies have tried to copy its features without success. The firm has perfected their organizational features over the years since the 1960s while at the same time responding to the needs of the middle-class residents.