Four Lock’s You Can Put on Your Front Door

Moving into a new neighborhood can be stressful, especially when your sense of security isn’t where you want it to be. A local locksmith can help you pick the right locks so that you can have that sense of being safe. Here’s an example of four types of door locks you may pick:

1. Keyless Entry Pads

Keyless entry pads are a great idea for your front door. Keyless entry locks are a good choice because they prevent you from having to worry yourself with key cutting and so on. All you have to do is remember the code that is connected to your lock, and then you can get in when you need to get in. The touchpad version of these is the most popular one, but you could opt to get the card version if you’re more comfortable with that.

2. Deadbolt Locks

The deadbolt lock is going to be your best line of defense at your front door. People usually put this lock in place in addition to another system that they have to give them less protection. They are more desirable than the keypack lock because of their huge size and sturdy construction.

3. Mortise Lock

mortise lock is an older style of lock that is mostly inside of older buildings. However, some benefits do come with putting these types of locks in your system. One benefit is that it prevents intruders because of its complex design. There are several types of mortise options you can get. You can buy one with a sliding mechanism, dual locking system or even a keyless system.

4. Bluetooth Lock

Bluetooth door locks are keyless entry options that are powered by the wireless system that is known as Bluetooth. It works by a code number. The main advantage of using this type of system is that you do not have to carry a key with you or give anyone else a key to allow that person to have access to your home. They can gain access to your home as long as they know the code. You also get a few safety and protection methods using this system. For example, the unit may notify the authorities if someone tries to enter the code to your home too many times.

Now you know of just a few of the option that you have for your front door. You can consult with a dedicated locksmith and work with him to develop a plan that is right for you and your family. A trustworthy locksmith will never steer you the wrong way. He will help you select the best choice. This person may even be able to install an automatic door opener if you have someone in your family who is handicapped. All you have to do is contact the company and ask for help. The Lock-Up Services Inc website is a useful reference for more information.