5 Tips for Building a Small Business Social Media Following

If you are running a small business, chances are you already have established a social media presence. But if you have not, or if your following is still somewhat lackluster, these five tips can help to increase your fan base, which may generate more customers through social media connections and word of mouth.

1. Set Up Business on Facebook

Many small business owners establish a company base on Facebook. Although this original social media site is perhaps slightly less popular than it used to be, it still attracts millions of accountholders and visitors on a regular basis. You can communication with fans and customers as well as promote products and services, and also keep your followers updated with company news and announcements. Facebook lets you reach customers around the globe, far beyond your local physical community. The resources at Thinking Capital are helpful and can provide you with more information.

2. Stay in Touch via Twitter

Twitter’s brief but meaningful tweets let you connect quickly and often with company followers and prospective clients. Include messages with industry news, build a persona sharing your insights and views, and alert your followers to valuable deals and discounts offered by your small company.

3. Link Up through Linked In

Business owners who want to establish a professional reputation and image often open an account on Linked In. You can connect to others in your industry, build a fan base and customer list, and advertise jobs or apply for them if you decide to expand or sell your business. Small businesses can soon become prominent in their field and build a respectable online presence through posting articles and connecting with leaders and mentors who can help them climb the career ladder.

4. Post Photos on Instagram

Instagram offers more of a social environment for casual connections to friends, followers, and possible new customers by posting photos, sayings, and favorite aspects of your business or industry. For owners of small businesses that are visually oriented or socially minded, this social media platform offers many great ways to meet people who might be interested in learning more about your company from the photos and other information that you post.

5. Frequently Update Content

After opening accounts on social media platforms like these, it is important to post new content frequently, usually a few times weekly. This keeps followers updated and checking back often for more. If you are too busy or feel unskilled at posting to social media, you may be able to hire a college student or part-time employee to handle it for you. You can build a significant following on social media, and it is free.

For minutes a day and no cost at all, unless you buy premium memberships, you can conveniently promote your company online.