When Car Leasing Is Better Than Buying

If you are visiting different car dealerships and are preparing to purchase a new car, you may be carefully reviewing features and pricing for different vehicles. Some people will purchase a used car in an effort to save money on their purchase, but many others love the experience of buying a brand new vehicle that nobody else has owned before. When you purchase a new car, you have the ability to either lease or buy your car. Before you finalize your plans about which Lexus you want to drive away in, you must first decide if car leasing or buying is a better option for you.

How Long You Plan to Own the Car

Leasing a car is not the best move for every driver, but in some cases, it can save you a small fortune. For example, if you plan to own the car for only a few years before you trade it in for a new one, car leasing makes sense. With leasing, you pay a small fee at the beginning of the lease, and you pay another small fee when you turn the car in. You do not have to worry about losing equity, fighting with car dealerships over the value of your trade-in and more. You simply turn the car back into the dealership and pay the fee.

How Many Miles You Plan to Drive

Another factor to consider before you lease or buy relates to mileage. Car dealerships want to ensure that the vehicle they lease to you will still retain some value and will therefore be able to be sold in the future. With this in mind, a car lease agreement typically states the maximum mileage you can put on the vehicle. If you go over this mileage, you will need to pay a per-mile fee to the dealer when you turn the car in. If you plan to drive more than the allotted miles, you may need to consider if the additional fee is worth paying for. In some cases, those who will heavily use a car may be better off buying a car outright.

The Equity the Vehicle Will Retain
Comparing the options to lease versus buy should be done from a financial standpoint. You can compare the upfront and turn-in fees as well as the monthly payment for leasing, and you can compare the down payment and monthly loan payment for buying. With the buying scenario, focus on what the vehicle may be worth when you trade it in versus how much you will still own on the car. You can use a car loan amortization calculator online to determine this with accuracy.

When all factors are considered, you will see that there is a clear winner between the two. Each Lexus driver has different criteria that he or she is reviewing, so there is not a right answer to all situations. By taking time to review these points, you can make a better decision for your needs. Learn more information and find additional resources at the Lexus of Windsor website.

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A beginners guide to buying an electric bike

Also known as e-bikes, electric bikes are not only fun but efficient and useful as well. Since you can ride one uphill or for a long distance without working up a sweat, e bikes are considered incredibly practical. Apart from the addition of a battery and electric motor, e-bikes are just like regular bikes. Since most electric bikes feature different settings, you can always choose the amount of boost based on your energy levels. However, you will still have to pedal even though the electric motor provides some assistance.

Electric bikes can power you along at speeds of 15.5 mph. Although you can go faster than 15.5 mph, you will have to put in the legwork. E-bikes are ideal for stop-start urban cycling since they provide a significant difference in acceleration.

You should look at battery capacity and voltage when choosing an electric bike.
• Battery capacity indicates how much energy a battery can store. A higher ampere hour means you can travel much further on a single charge.
• The voltage of an electric bike shows its motor’s power. As much as you might want to go for the most powerful e-bike, you should know that the more powerful your motor is, the faster you will drain your battery.

An excellent e-bike features a selection of modes, each ideally designed to suit different cycling needs whether it is a push going uphill or some help getting up to cruising speed. You can choose the most suitable setting depending on your needs. Apart from getting around, users can also get some exercise without working up too much sweat in the process. Remember, picking the right cycling mode impacts your battery’s lifespan positively.

While some e-bikes can get 40-50 miles on a single charge, battery size depends on the type and model. As such, you should partly base your choice on your predetermined cycling distance. When it’s time to charge your battery, all you need to do is plug it into a household socket.

On average, running an e-bike will cost significantly less than operating a medium-sized diesel car. As such, using an electric bike as your primary mode of transport is bound to save you loads of money. Furthermore, e-bikes are a lot more eco-friendly than cars.

Other considerations
When choosing an e-bike, you should consider where you will be riding. An e-bike that features a suspension fork is the most suitable choice if you intend to ride in parks and on cycle paths. By minimizing the effects of riding on potholed roads and providing some extra comfort, having a suspension fork allows you to tackle rough tracks with confidence. On the other hand, folding electric bikes suit those with limited storage space. More information and resources can be found on the Scooteretti website.

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Three Services to Compare When Choosing a Honda Dealership

Many automotive shoppers are overwhelmingly choosing to purchase Honda vehicles over the competition. This is because Honda is a brand that is known for providing true value to car owners, and it also is known for reliability, safety, affordability and more. If you have decided that this is a brand that you want to purchase for your next vehicle, your next task is to find the right Honda dealership to visit. In many areas of the country, automotive buyers have the opportunity to choose between several Honda dealerships when making a buying decision. As you compare dealerships, consider comparing the dealerships in these service areas for a better overall buying and ownership experience.

Exceptional Sales Service
Your initial experience with a Honda dealership will be with the sales department, but your experience with different sales departments can vary drastically. For example, some dealerships have a no-haggle policy, and their sticker price is the price you will pay for the vehicle. Some make it easy to value your trade-in by providing you with an online estimate. Others give you a more traditional buying experience by offering cars for sale at the MSRP and expecting customers to negotiate for a better deal on their new car as well as on their trade-in value.

In-House Financing
Another area where many Honda dealerships vary is through their in-house financing department. Most dealerships offer in-house financing, and this may be through the Honda finance company or other national and regional banks. While many work with the same lenders, some charge you a higher rate or more fees because it puts money back into the dealership’s pocket. With this in mind, it pays to shop around for the best rate and terms on your auto loan.

Fast, Friendly Repair and Maintenance Service
After you have purchased your Honda, you may continue to visit the Honda dealership periodically for regularly scheduled maintenance service and repair needs. Some dealerships provide you with easy online appointment scheduling. They may also be known for having competitive rates as well as fast, high-quality service. Because the repair and maintenance service experience can vary drastically from one dealership to another, read consumer reviews in this area before you decide which dealership to use.

You may understandably think that all dealerships offer the same experience in sales, financing and automotive service, but you can see that your experience at one Honda dealership can be significantly different than your experience at another dealership. With this in mind, take time to carefully review the options. You may also visit each one personally to get a better feel for the dealership before you make your final decision. If you want to learn more, visit Formula Honda.

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